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The Roger Wilde Glass to Glass system is a breakthrough in fire resistant glass flooring which now allows continuous panels of glass to be laid without the need for intermediate framing, further extending the boundaries of what is possible.

Testing was carried out at BRE using Vetrotech's SGG Swissflam-N2, a Class A multi-laminated and fully insulating glass. This achieved 48 minutes for integrity and insulation - as well as a level of load bearing integrity that makes it suitable for most domestic and light commercial applications.

Picture showing LITESWISS test just underway gas jet entering chamberPicture of liteswiss 1.5M x 1M test bed

The system was tested on a glass width of one metre, and represents an important breakthrough in glass floor design, as each sheet of glass only needs a small sealing joint to provide complete insulation and integrity against fire and radiant heat.

The new design allows long "slots" up to 1 metre wide of fire-rated glass flooring in unlimited lengths to be installed in buildings without the need for unsightly steel intermediate supports.

Picture of liteswiss preloaded panels before start of testPicture of glass to glass joint fire test panel before loading for test