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Made To Measure LITEFLAM Fire-rated Glass Flooring

LITEFLAM fire-rated glass flooring is available in 30/30, 60/60 and 90/90 integrity and insulation versions, in panel sizes up to 1metre by 2metres rectangular and 1.5metres by 1.5metres square.

The upper Structural sheet of the LITEFLAM made to measure systems can have the full range of surface finishes also offered for LITEFLOOR.

LITEFLAM - Separate Sheet System

This system is especially suitable for larger commercial projects, or in cases where the largest panel sizes are required, and can combine panels to give unlimited widths and lengths.

The system was tested whilst supporting a distributed loading of 4.0KN/m2 in the UK, and 100lbs/square foot in the USA and fully meets the requirements of BS 476 pt2, EN 1365-2:2000 and US Building Codes,

The system has already being installed in a wide variety of public buildings (such as Cork County Court house , & The Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University) commercial offices (such as the office redevelopment at 20-32 Baker Street), and 69-70 Pall Mall).

Picture of Cork County Court HousePicture of Department of Chemistry from below

Picture of 20-32 Baker StreetPicture of 69-70 Pall Mall

There may also be times when the LITEFLAM separate sheet system is more appropriate for smaller projects, for example, when more frequent replacement of glass is envisaged. This could be for aesthetic reasons - changes of colours, patterns etc or for installations in high exposure risk areas where damage to the top sheet could occur.

The LITEFLAM separate sheet system is not recommended for external installations.

LITEFLAM DG - Double Glazed System

This system is especially suitable for external installations where heat loss may be a problem and for smaller commercial and domestic installations where individual panel sizes are not too large (typically less than 1m2).

For external applications, the LITEFLAM double glazed system can be enhanced by the use of argon filling and the application of low-e coatings to the inner surface of the structural glass which allows the system to comply with current building regulations.

The LITEFLAM DG system has also been used in a number of public buildings (such as the Trinity College Student Flats, Bridge Street, Cambridge - see pictures right ) shops and offices and many private residences.

LITEFLAM DG units are supplied with their own individual supporting frames, and can be linked directly together to form a line of panels in any one direction, often without the need for additional secondary supporting steelwork.

Picture of Trinity College Student Flats, Bridge Street, Cambridge